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Ingham County plans to preserve history of Malcolm X's attendance at demolished elementary school  -  June 5, 2024


Demolition begins on historic southwest Lansing school


9 New Affordable Housing Units Under Construction in Lansing  -  April 26, 2024


UM Health-Sparrow donating houses to Land Bank and Habitat for Humanity Capitol Region for affordable housing - April 2024


Former Pleasant Grove School -- Demolition scheduled for summer 2024, preparation of eventual development  -  January 2024


Center for Community Progress -- Study Shows Land Bank Ownership of Vacant Lots Can Reduce Violent Crime  -  Dec 2023

New Study Shows Land Bank Ownership of Vacant Lots Can Reduce Violent Crime December 18, 2023


Modular House Being Set  -  12/19/23

FOX47 News - First Even Modular Set by Ingham County Land Bank


Commemoration Ceremony honoring the former Leslie High School  -  Nov 2023

WLIX commemorative event - past principal


Pointe West Condominium construction site - 8/15/23


Lansing's First Affordable All-Electric Solar Panel Home  -  6/28/23

WILX: Lansing to see its first-ever all-electric home 

LSJ Article - Solar Revolution (11/21/23)


An Alternative to Waste - a Deconstruction Story

An Alternative to Waste - A Deconstruction Story - You Tube - Roxanne Case

Deconstruction Story - Michael Andrick

Deconstruction Story - John Krohn

Deconstruction Story - Eric Schertzing


What Land Banks Can Do For You - Oct 2021


Celebrating 15 Years in 2020! 

Strengthening the region and creating better communities

View our 15-year Impact Report by clicking here.



Our Impact on the Community

2015-2018 Hardest Hit Blight Elimination Funding

In 2014, the Ingham County Land Bank and the City of Lansing partnered together and applied for federal funds.  In 2015, the City of Lansing was granted $6,000,000 in blight elimination funding.  The program was very successful.  With the elimination of blighted structures, nearby homes increased in value and neighborhoods became safer! 

384 demolitions, with asbestos removed from 324 structures.  366 dead/dying trees removed.  211 curb inserts and 273 sidewalk sections replaced.  


15% of homes had materials salvaged before going to the landfill.


Crime rates decreased . . . .                                                  


Homeless counts lowered . . . .         

An old dilapidated house was removed . . . . .


A new home built . . . . . .

And green space and gardens flourish . . . . .


Contact Ingham County Land Bank for further details in Hardest Hit Blight Elimination Funding.



View our 2015 10-Year Impact Report by clicking here. 

The Ingham County Land Bank understands impact goes beyond remodeling houses and restructuring neighborhoods -- we also understand the importance of helping community members fulfill the dream of homeownership.  We are dedicated to creating place, creating community and creating opportunity. Here’s a look at our community impact, by the numbers: 


Infographic explaining 2013 partnershipsInfographic explaining 2012-2013 impactInfographic explaining return on investmentInfographic explaining benefit of living near a land bank propertyInfographic explaining land bank's local investment

Transcript: In 2013, the Land Bank partnered with the City of Lansing and Ingham County Treasurer's Office to demolish 47 blighted homes throughout the county. The Land Bank helped increase homeownership by selling 53 properties in 2012 and 60 properties in 2013. For every $1.00 the Land Bank spent in the community, there was a $1.80 return on investment. Being close to a Land Bank home increases home sale prices. In 2006, being within 500 to 1,000 feet of a Land Bank property decreased sale prices by 9.5%; by 2012, being within 500 feet of a Land Bank property increased sales prices by 5.2%. From 2006 to 2012, the Land Bank invested $31,051,692 in Greater Lansing, which has an indirect economic impact of $56,239,355 and created 426 jobs. 

Reporting an issue

Does a Land Bank property in your neighborhood have an issue we need to know about such as a downed tree or sidewalk that needs shoveling? Report the problem on our contact form or call one of our Land Bank team members at 517-267-5221.

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