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Real estate for sale!  

Ingham County Land Bank owns over 500 properties.  Our property database features a streamlined approach to searching, mapping, and applying for properties.   Price of a property varies depending on several factors, such as location and size.  If interested in any property, please fill out the Statement of Interest form.  You can mail, email, or drop if off to our office at your convenience.

Ingham County Land Bank database



The Land Bank values making homeownership a reality for community members. The Land Bank has three categories of single family houses and condominiums for sale: 

  • Energy efficient, visitable new construction single family houses, typically available for income-qualified buyers. Federal grants through the City of Lansing typically finance new construction projects, and that funding requires sales to income-qualified buyers. See the City of Lansing Down Payment Assistance webpage for more information on income qualifications.
  • Several tax-foreclosed houses and condos are rehabbed to the high quality expected by the community from the Land Bank. Some are available at market rate, while others are available to income-qualified buyers, depending on the source of rehab funding.
  • Other tax-foreclosed houses are sold as fixer-uppers.

Land Bank houses and condos are sold through Realtors or internally, by the Land Bank. Available homes are available on various MLS lists, including Zillow. 


The Land Bank maintains over 500 residential, commercial, and industrial vacant lots across Ingham County, primarily in Lansing. Some vacant lots came to the Land Bank at the end of the annual county tax-foreclosure process. Other vacant lots were created by blight elimination through demolition.

The Land Bank has two categories of residential vacant lots for sale:

  • Side lots: Narrower lots that are very appropriate for sale to adjacent landowners for a very reasonable price, usually dictated by the federal funding source used to demolish blighted structures. Construction on side lots is restricted to additions to the purchaser's house, or a new garage. No independent dwelling unit can be constructed. Typically buyers enjoy the additional yard space for play areas, gardens, patios, or a garage. Often, a side lot sale addresses a long-standing shared driveway situation.
  • Full city lots (and even larger land parcels) sold at market rate, for new construction in compliance with municipal planning and zoning rules. 


At times, the Land Bank has commercial and industrial buildings and vacant parcels across the county. Revitalizing and occupying commercial properties helps create economic opportunity for our community members.

Land Bank's commercial properties are sold through a commercial broker. See Commercial properties for sale for a short list of available properties or select the link to our database at the top of this page to see all the listings.

Garden lots

The Land Bank's Garden Program encourages and supports community-based beautification and gardening projects on the Land Bank vacant lots. The Garden Program is currently supporting more than 100 gardens throughout the City of Lansing, amounting to more than four acres of garden space in the city. Projects include small household gardens, community gardens involving several families and larger-scale urban farming efforts.

If you are interested in starting a neighborhood beautification project or need extra space to grow your own food, please contact garden program manager John Krohn at 517.267.5221 or In exchange for a low annual fee and general care of the property, neighbors are provided space in order to beautify their neighborhood. The Garden Program also provides soil tests, tilling, compost and plant starts to support community efforts.

The Land Bank’s Garden Program is committed to providing land to make neighborhood beautification and gardening dreams a reality for our community.

Reporting an issue

Does a Land Bank property in your neighborhood have an issue we need to know about such as a downed tree or sidewalk that needs shoveling? Report the problem on our contact form or call one of our Land Bank team members at 517-267-5221.

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