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What We Do

The Ingham County Land Bank is a community and economic development tool for all of Ingham County. We are a governmental authority that manages tax-foreclosed properties in Ingham County with the end goal of returning these properties to the tax roll in a responsible manner. Every year we receive a new inventory of tax-foreclosed properties through the Ingham County Treasurer. We work to put these properties back into productive use, including renovating and selling properties, renovating and renting properties, managing blight, establishing community gardens and revitalizing the neighborhoods that surround our properties.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build great places, strengthen our communities and generate sustainable economic prosperity. The Land Bank is a strategic economic tool for all of Ingham County that supports growth and investment within our community by returning tax reverted, purchased, donated and unclaimed land to more productive use more rapidly than might have been possible otherwise.

Creating: Place

The Ingham County Land Bank assists in creating better communities by bringing together neighbors, government, funders and other community stakeholders to enhance neighborhoods through housing renovation, blight removal, gardening and other efforts that strengthen the quality of life in greater Lansing.

Creating: Community

The Ingham County Land Bank creates better places by improving the quality of a community’s unique neighborhoods through home renovations, new home construction, demolitions of blighted structures, repurposing vacant properties and providing affordable home ownership opportunities in greater Lansing.

Creating: Opportunity

The Ingham County Land Bank creates better opportunity for sustainable economic prosperity by returning properties to productive use, increasing the tax base and providing affordable and innovative solutions for commercial redevelopment and vibrant mixed use projects.

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Interested in a Land Bank property? Fill out our contact form or call our Land Bank sales team at 517-267-5221.

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Does a Land Bank property in your neighborhood have an issue we need to know about such as a downed tree or sidewalk that needs shoveling? Report the problem on our contact form or call one of our Land Bank team members at 517-267-5221.

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