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Vacant land for sale!

Are you interested in adding more land to your home or business location? Or are you looking for a piece of vacant land to build a new home or commercial building?

Ingham County Land Bank owns over 500 vacant lots across Ingham County.

  • Vacant lots come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Most lots have street frontage; a handful do not have any street access.
  • Most lots are currently zoned for residential use. About a dozen lots are currently zoned for commercial or industrial use.
  • More than 85% of Land Bank-owned vacant lots have a Lansing mailing address.
  • Lot pricing varies.
    •  Various federal grants have been used to demolish blighted buildings over the years. Several grants require special, below-fair-market-value pricing to be offered for some vacant lots subsequently sold to adjacent landowners who do not intend to build anything more than an addition to an existing structure, a garage, shed, or to maintain yard space. This type of sale requires a covenant on a warranty deed restricting the type of any future development.
    •  Other lots will be sold at market price.

Click here to view our database of properties.

If you find a property that you're interested in, please print out and submit a Statement of Interest form.  You can mail, email, or drop it off to our office.  

More information about a parcel can be obtained online at In the upper right hand corner, click on the Municipalities drop down box, and select Ingham County, or a particular municipality. Search by a particular parcel number or address.

Qualifications for purchasing a vacant lot

To qualify for purchasing a vacant lot, applicants:

  • Cannot own any property that is currently tax delinquent.
  • Cannot own any property that is subject to any unresolved citation of violation of state and local ordinances.
  • Cannot own any real property that has a history of being a site for criminal activity during applicant’s ownership.
  • Cannot have lost title to or had any foreclosure filings against any properties owned in the last five years.
  • Must demonstrate that their end use meets the intent and guidance provided for this lot by the respective local unit of government’s Master Plan.

Start the purchase process

Please contact the Land Bank to learn how to purchase a vacant lot. Land Bank staff will coach interested buyers through the process.

Reporting an issue

Does a Land Bank property in your neighborhood have an issue we need to know about such as a downed tree or sidewalk that needs shoveling? Report the problem on our contact form or call one of our Land Bank team members at 517-267-5221.

Contact us today

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